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euronews on Iran-livetv brings you a daily dose of international news curated and explained.

Beyond headlines and sensationalism, euronews offers in-depth coverage and analysis from correspondents and bureaus all over the world.

At euronews, we believe that the growing use of sensationalism in news influences and distorts the perception of current global events.

We truly believe in individual intelligence and think that our role, as a global news organisation, is to supply unbiased, multifaceted, factual, verified information, rather than speaking from a single, emotional point of view.
Our opinion is that we want to help you form your own opinion.

Our journalists do not to take sides. Instead they try to transcribe reality objectively, with integrity and complete freedom. Our unique diversity of points of view is what Euronews has stood for since 1993 in every corner of the globe, in every language.

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Emmerson Mnangagwa re-elected as President of Zimbabwe
6 months ago
Emmerson Mnangagwa re-elected as President of Zimbabwe but opposition party MDC say that the vote has been rigged and these results are "fake".


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